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Friday, December 05, 2003


I was also taped without knowledge or consent in Massachusetts. Yes, I was sexually involved, yes I was naked, and engaging in sexual acts, NO, I was never asked if it was ok, NO, IT WASNT OK!! The asshole is now in court on federal wiretapping charges, and then I am going to take his business, his house, his car and the change in his pocket in civil court, because this asshole ruined my life. he can press rewind and show anyone, including himself at anytime, and he is lucky i chose the legal system, or he would be dead today.
The women involved in this happens to be my ex and we made several videos and took lots of naked pictures of her in all kinds of sexually expliced positions. so for her to put this guy in jail for the same stuff that gets her turned on and aroused is redeculous. she loves to show off her body and perform kinky sex acts on tape and for her to put this guy in jail for something i personaly know she had more to do with then him is just plain abuse of the justice system to get revenge against him. she did the same type of thing to me but in different ways. she gives all women a bad reputation for bieng manupulitive when they dont get there way in life

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